About Us

Black Eye Leather thrives in the creative heart of Los Angeles, California. We craft our leather cuffs by hand with near maniacal attention to detail. We select hides individually, and cut and tailor them to honor their unique, intrinsic beauty.

Black Eye Leather grew out of a furniture project in 2004. After creating the world’s first Chottoman – a cross between a chair and an ottoman – we had half a cowhide begging to be transformed. Making that first wrist cuff opened the door to a range of the world’s most amazing exotic animal skins. And, incorporating other elements such as stone and fossil remains satisfied an ecclectic aesthetic that is energized by the abundant beauty of the natural world.

Our early cuff designs met with wild eyes and dropped jaws. Folks loved’em, acquiring two or three at a time. The exquisite materials and elegant designs re-interpret the street-savy wrist cuff. They’re not just for hoodlums any more.

Wear’em anywhere.

Wear’em responsibly.

Choose your battles wisely!

Christopher Kinder