Cuff Details

Natural Animal Skins

Black Eye Leather Cuffs are meticulously crafted from the world’s most amazing natural animal skins. And, like all things from nature, the hides vary in color, form and texture. It’s part of what makes them so interesting and beautiful to see and touch and smell and wear. Strap one one, it'll drive you wild.

Hand Lacing

We finish many of our cuff designs with calf skin or kangaroo leather hand-lacing in two traditional cowboy styles: The straight shootin' Whipstitch and fancy Single Loop Lacing.

Gun Metal Snaps

We fit our cuffs with one, two or three Gun Metal Snaps . . . one on narrow cuffs . . . three on those widest bad puppies.


We line our cuffs with matching black, brown or tan Sueded Cowhide to provide comfort and durability. A few styles sport the very fabulous Blue Suede Cowhide lining for a serious knock-out punch.

Some cuff designs are unlined . . . particulary those crafted from thick and sturdy alligator leathers.