Ready to Wear

Black Eye Leather Cuffs are made in sizes to accommodate different sized wrists.

A 9” cuff will fit comfortably on a wrist that measures 7.5” around . The snaps consume about a half inch or so of length on either end of the cuff.

An 8” cuff will comfortably fit a smaller wrist that measures 6.5” around.

Custom Orders

We will gladly customize a cuff to your size and / or specifications. Consider the following choices and Contact Us . . . we'll gladly help you design a great cuff:

1. Measure the distance around your wrist in inches.

2. Choose a Leather: Shark, Stingray, Alligator, Ostrich, Emu, Python, Bullfrog, Buffalo or Cowhide

3. Choose a Lining: Sueded Cowhide in Black, Brown, Tan or Royal Blue

4. Choose a Lacing Leather: Calfskin in Black, Dark Brown or Tan; Kangaroo in Black

5. Choose a Lacing Style: Whipstich or Single Loop

6. Choose number of gun metal snaps: 1, 2 or 3

We can usually make your cuff and ship your order within 10 days.